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For Explanation Only

This is to explain the examination regulations, which are in German, to international students and applicants. The original in German, which is the only official and valid version, can be found under

The following summary explains the regulations plus changes to reflect the version, which is currently valid.  No legal claims can be made on basis of this explanation. If questions arise, please contact the course coordinator.

Briefly, the course is of two years (four semesters) regular duration.  It is fully modularized, i.e. there is an examination immediately after each course element, usually the module or partial module.  The language of instruction and examination is English throughout.  German language proficiency is not required for participation in the course.

In addition to a suitable first degree awarded by a university, which is recognized by the German KMK, certain minimum skills of laboratory work and English language proficiency are required for application.

Applicants from outside the European Economic Area, who have not earned a first tertiary degree (Bachelors etc.) from a European university, need to pass the three hours qualifying examination, which is organized in many test centers worldwide. 

The program is divided into

  • compulsory courses (1st - 3rd semester),
  • compulsory elective (optional) courses (2nd - 3rd semester), and
  • the Master thesis including a seminar presentation (4th semester).

In addition to the list of compulsory elective courses, from which the total six optionals can be chosen, up to two out of six of the optionals can be done as so called "lab practicals" instead, for which students participate in current research in one of the scientific working groups involved in the program.

The curricular structure can be seen from the module handbook.

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