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Objectives of the Program

In 2004 the University of Bonn - supported by the CEMBIO - launched an International Masters Course in Molecular Biotechnology, now Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. This ECTS credited course, taught fully in English, is aimed at graduate students (from such fields as biology, nutrition, agriculture, chemistry, food chemistry, pharmacy, medicine and dentistry) with a strong background in cell biology, microbiology, molecular biology and biochemistry. The program has been accredited by the German Federal Council for Accreditation.

Foundations are provided by lectures addressing 

  • biochemistry and molecular biology,
  • biotechnology
  • bioinformatics, and
  • economics in conjunction with an integrated practical course.

In addition, seminars are offered on bioethics and current topics in biotechnology.

A major focus of the program is the development of practical laboratory skills through a combination of compulsory and optional practicals.

Compulsory courses include
  • microbial expression systems,
  • genomics and proteomics,
  • animal and plant cell culture.

Students can choose from a range of optional fields as for example

  • microbial, plant, animal and cell lines as expression systems,
  • enzyme technology,
  • analysis and systematics of biological surfaces, and
  • pharmacologically active natural substances.

From a total of six optional courses a maximum of two may be substituted by laboratory work on current research projects.

In their fourth and final semester, students are required to conduct a research-oriented thesis.

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