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Biotechnology of Fungi

Module no.: MBT 210

Module name: Cultivation Techniques for Fungi

Workload: 150 hours with 80 contact hours

Credits: 5 ECTS credit points

Practical with seminar for students of the 1st and consecutive semesters

Module co-ordinator: Dr. U. Hoelker, bioreact GmbH

Optional module of the M.Sc. Program "Molecular Biotechnology" with 4 places.

Aims of learning: Independent analysis of differences between cultivation techniques for fungi, yeasts, and bacteria; overview of the applications of filamentous fungi in biotechnology.

Contents: solid state fermentation, submerged fermentation, hydrolases / oxidases / peroxidases, filamentous fungi as expression systems, production of food additives (aromas, pigments), production of enzymes (cellulase, laccase), production of secondary metabolites (antibiotics), heterologous expression in filamentous fungi, methods from bioprocess engineering, molecular genetics, protein biochemistry, analytics.

Examination: graded practical report

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