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Pitfalls and common misunderstandings

"I gave my industrial presentation (Industrial Colloquium). Now my Industrial Practical is graded and credited."

No - only your industrial presentation is graded and credited then. Your industrial practical is a module of its own and gives an extra grade and ten more credit points. You must hand in a report to your industrial supervisor. If your supervisor is not a teacher of the M.Sc. programme, you must find an examiner from the course. In that case, your industrial supervisor suggests to the examiner a grade, which can be accepted or changed by the examiner.

"I did you a favour and already submitted my Master thesis to my professor"

No way - hand in four copies of your Master thesis to the exams office (Dr. Linscheid). They are forwarded from there to your examiners. Copies, which you directly submit to the examiners, are not valid!

"I can stay in my dorm room as long as I am enroled to the M.Sc. programme"

Not necessarily - your contract for the hostel room will expire. Usually, it will be valid until the end of the fourth semester.


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