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Who can apply?

Everyone who

  • has a sound theoretical as well as practical knowledge of biology with
    • min. 80 lab hours in biochemistry, plus
    • min. 80 lab hours in molecular genetics, plus
    • min. 80 lab hours in microbiology, plus
    • min. 80 lab hours in and cell biology, with
    • lab hours = bench work only, excluding data processing, calculations, protocol writing and other paperwork,
    • from practicals about current methods in the above subjects, and
  • fulfils the minimum English language proficiency requirements
    • paper TOEFL min. 550, or
    • computer TOEFL min. 213, or
    • internet TOEFL (iBT) min. 80, or
    • IELTS min. 6.0,
    • not older than one year at the time of visa application (for applicants from outside the European Union, requirement of the German embassies/consulates),
    • with a favourable distribution of points in the categories listening, reading, writing, speaking, or
    • had secondary school education with English language course for a minimum of six years within the European Economic Area , and
  • is a citizen of the European Union, or from outside the EU and eligible for a student visa (funding and other requirements according to the standards, information about which is available from the German Embassy or Consulate General),

can apply.


*) Examples for undergraduate degrees that do not qualify for application to our course:
Bachelor in Nursing, Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Science

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